FEB 13 Monthly Chapter Meeting

Please click the following link to join the meeting:  Link to Webex Meeting




First time Webex Users

Hello EAA 302 members,

If this is the first time you've ever used Webex, here is some important information for you to review before hand.  Please note that we'll open the WebEx Bridge at 9:00 AM.  This will give everyone an extra hour to try and get connected prior to the meeting.

1. You should be receiving a link in e-mail for the meeting. It is also posted on this page as well.

2. You do not have to install the client.  It will work with just a web browser.  However, you will get a better experience using the client if you wish to install it.

3. Wired connections offer the best video and audio experience.  Wireless and cellular connections are often grainy and cuts out on the audio.

4. Here is a link to a "first time" users video for Webex.  Webex for first time users 

5. We'll mute all phones during the meeting.  We kindly ask that you keep your phone muted.  You have the control to unmute your phone but we kindly ask you do not.

6. Check out the chat feature of the tutorial in the video link above.  We'll monitor the chat during the meeting for any question and answer session.  We'll unmute your microphone when it's your turn for any questions and answers. 

Hints for Homebilders videos at eaa.org